Custom Balisong Knives

Some of the most expensive knives on the market are custom, one of a kind knives from top name brand companies like Microtech, Benchmade and Protech. These knives can run anywhere from $500 to $5000 dollars and are often rare or limited edition models. Some of coolest custom knives out there are custom balisong butterfly knives. Custom is a great choice for butterfly knives which are already supposed to be a little flashy to begin with. These knives use exotic materials like Damascus blades, mammoth ivory, titanium and mother of pearl, with unique and creative designs for the handles and blades.

One of the nicest custom balisongs to come out this year is the Microtech Marfione Custom Metalmark Balisong. This knife was designed by Anthony Marfione who hand grinds each blade and signs the box when the knife is finished. The blade is a Reptillian Damascus blade from the master blade maker Devin Thomas. The blade and handles have a slight stylish curve that add to the sleek look of the Metalmark. It has handles that are made from bead blasted titanium, with a spring loaded latch for quick opening action. The Mictotech Metalmark is a beautifully designed knife that would make a great addition to any balisong collection.

Another amazing balisong to come out this year is the Corrie Schoeman Balisong. This is a hand made knife that is accented by mammoth tooth inlays and Damascus bolsters. The filework on the back of the handle include Citrine and Ruby inserts on the spacer. This balisong has a beautiful Damascus steel blade with an impressive file worked spine. Corrie Schoeman has been making knives for over 30 years and every knife he makes is a unique work of art. These knives are truly one of a kind pieces from a master knife craftsman.

What custom balisong do you want?

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