Welcome to BalisongKnives.com! This website was created to promote Balisong Knives (specifically Benchmade® balisong knives). Balisong knives are also commonly referred to as butterfly knives.

Benchmade42.com is operated by BladeHQ.com, an authorized Benchmade® retailer. This website was created to promote Benchmade butterfly knives and Benchmade knives.


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  1. I think these are a perfectly good idea. They could go some way to prvenet accidents around the home, and in the rare event that you suffer some sort of house invasion, an intruder would find them less useful than normal knives.Anyone suggesting that Chavs are going to embark on ironmongery exercises in order to avail themselves of weapons is laughable. Chavs may have accomplished tool-use but I’m doubtful as to the manufacture of such beyond the opportunistic breaking of a bottle or so. They make use of what society provides without cultivating the capacity to produce, create or innovate. I imagine that were all knives rendered blunt-tipped, the flat-head screwdriver would be the next port of call.I note with amusement that an internet knife-fight has begun above, and await the conclusion with great gusto.

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